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Party Organization

The Republican Party of Waller County is the local organization of Republicans organized and operating under Texas Election Laws. You are a member of the Republican Party of Waller County if you live in Waller County and voted in the Republican Primary, take the oath of affiliation, or align yourself with the Republican Party.

The Republican Party of Waller County Chair and Precinct Chairmen are elected by voters in our primary election held in March of even-numbered years. Those elected, plus those they choose for Party Vice-Chairman, Party Secretary and Party Treasurer, form the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Waller County. This Executive Committee, which meets at least quarterly, provides the leadership for the Republican Party of Waller County. Current members of the Executive Committee are:

Republican County Chair: David Luther

Republican County Vice Chair: Don Hand

Republican County Secretary: Beverly Hardee

Republican County Treasurer: Sandra Brown

Precinct Chairs (click on name to send them an e-mail):

101  Estella L. Smith

102  Tom Brown

103  Frank Newman

104  Carol Eplen

105  Marilyn Stokes

206 Vacant

207  Jeanie Gardner

208  Judy Kulhanek

309 Vacant

310 Vacant

311   Sam Eng

312   Gail L. Kabir

313 Vacant

414 Stan Kitzman

415   Kris Winegar

416 Vacant

417   Margaret A. Salinas

418   Gus Mancuso

419 Vacant

420  Houston Butcher

We need Precinct Chairmen in Precincts 309, 310, 416, and 419.   If you are interested in being a Precinct Chair and live in one of the listed precincts, please contact County Chairman Wallace Koenning at 832-326-9202

The Bylaws of this Executive Committee state that its purposes are:

  • To establish general policy of the Republican Party in the county, subject to direction of the biennial County Convention;
  • To represent the Republican Party of Waller County, Texas and the Nation, articulating the Party’s candidates;
  • To cooperate in carrying out programs initiated by the Republican Party of Texas, including but not limited to: (1) Conducting a Republican Primary in the County, and (2) Organizing a coordinated effort preceding each general election to publicize the Party’s candidates.

Members of the Republican Party of Waller County are encouraged to attend all activities of the Party because they are FUN!  This includes Executive Committee Meetings.   Meetings will be announced on this site.

The Republican Party of Waller County and the Republican Women of Waller County work hard to elect and support those Republicans who share and govern with our philosophy, values and vision. Join us in making Waller County, our part of the Great State of Texas and the USA a great place to live!