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Your local precinct chairs are your elected party representatives to help you make government work! This is how we are organized, and how to contact YOUR Republican Party representatives!

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Republican Women of Waller County

Our goal is to promote an informed public through political education and to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month.

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Chairman's Letter

The Republican Party of Waller County (RPWC) is comprised of registered voters who voted in the last Republican primary.  As long as you vote in the Republican primary, you are a member of the RPWC!  The party is governed by the Executive Committee.  The Committee consists of the Precinct Chairs, who are elected in each voting precinct and the County Chair, who is elected countywide.   You can locate your Precinct Chair here on this website. They are your direct connection to the governance of the party.

Every elected officer in the RPWC serves two year terms and are elected and/or reelected with each primary election.  All elected party officers serve without compensation.  We are all volunteers who believe deeply in the Party and its ideals.  We also believe in good government for Waller County and are committed to promoting conservative principles in our local governments.

The RPWC needs two things to be successful; people and money!  First and foremost, our candidates need your votes.  For most people, participation in any political party is limited to voting.  While It is always the goal of the Party, to “get out the vote,.”  the Party’s operations are much more complex.  We have both statutory and political responsibilities that must be met, which is why money and volunteers are essential for success.

While we are organizationally and ideologically tied to the State and National Republican Parties, our focus is on local government.  As our County grows, the challenges of governance grow with it.  The RPWC is committed to recruiting and supporting the best Republican candidates for the future of Waller County.

You can help the RPWC stay strong and continue to push our fiscally conservative agenda for Waller County.  Please consider making a donation to our party.  The money we raise is not given to individual candidates.  Candidates for office must raise money for their campaigns.  The Party uses its money to help our nominees win general elections.   Donating is easy and no amount is too small.  You can simply click on the “donate” icon located on our home page and follow the instructions.  Remember, donations to any political party must be made by an individual, not a corporation, and are not tax deductible.

If you can’t donate, please consider volunteering your time.  Volunteers make a huge difference and are essential to the Party’s effectiveness.   There are many ways you can give of your time and help the Party thrive.   If you are interested in helping us, contact me or your precinct chair to see how you can be a part of our programs.  If you are interested in a leadership role, contact me.  We can discuss ways you can contribute to our progress.

You are the Republican Party of Waller County and we serve you.  I invite you to get involved.  Give us your thoughts on the direction of the party.  Help us bring conservative solutions to the challenges we face.   We need your votes, your time, your talents and your donations.  The Republican Party of Waller County has achieved much but we are far from done.

Thank you again for visiting us.

David W. Luther, Chairman